Change by Exchange is a boutique facilitation and engagement consultancy focusing on helping create action, change and results, within international development, charity, and CSR sectors throughout the world. 

Born out of a business committed to creating long lasting linkages and connections between people, Change by Exchange is an experienced group of consultants working and underwriting people, facilitation, engagement and change.

Our team of consultants have been working on complex multi-stakeholder process facilitation as a company since 2011. Formerly Danaqa consulting and Danaqa brand, Change by Exchange has led engagement processes in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean; and taken the lead in designing and implementing global and local change processes, including workshops, training, broader process management and online engagement. 

David Thomas.jpg

David Thomas

David is the lead consultant on multi-stakeholder processes, engagement, knowledge sharing and market access technical assistance. Specialising in encouraging dialogue and outcome oriented assistance to projects/organisations that require engagement with stakeholders from a range of sectors. Focus on sustainable, equitable development encouraging economic empowerment through market access, improved knowledge and communication. 


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Jessica Ball

Jessica designs and delivers workshops and training that focus on 100% participation and engagement; with a workshop design process that aims to deepen knowledge sharing, increase understanding and broaden participants perspectives on the chosen topics and issues. Specialising in Bohm Dialogue, LEGO Serious Play, Human-Centered Design, sketchnoting and mindfulness based practices.