Previous to Change By Exchange, CEO David Thomas and wife Nadia Manning founded ethical retail boutique Danaqa, situated in London's vibrant Notting Hill. 

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"Danaqa was an idea that I acted on. It was a concept that was inspired by many things. Firstly, a desire to find a solution to a series of problem. Small producers in developing countries need a market for their products. The reputation of certain countries is an artificial and unfair boundary that producers of high quality products need to overcome. There is a lack of capacity from some amazing producers to meet large orders from big buyers over small time periods, but that shouldn’t mean they should be excluded from export markets."

"Danaqa worked with producers from various countries – Ethiopia, Rwanda, Botswana, Tanzania, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Iran and Indonesia. For most of our suppliers we have worked with for the past seven years we were the first company they have exported to, the company that helped them create bank accounts, processes for growing. And most have outgrown us. This is what we wanted."

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